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Registered Nurse/Medical Surgical
Ref No.: 20-03816
Category: Travel Nursing and Allied
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
 Patient Population: Neurology, neurosurgical, stroke, epilepsy, TIA, brain tumor/mass, MS, guillan barre, altered mental status, encephalopathy, spine surgery, TBI, brain surgery, aneurysm repairs Avg. Daily Census: 29 41 beds; 21 beds PCU Staffing Ratio: 1:4-5 Documentation system: Allscripts / Sunrise Clinical Make sure to choose the specialty interview for which your candidate has at least 1 year of cumulative experience in the last 3 years. That may not be the same specialty as the job that is posted! However, candidates who do not have 1 year of cumulative experience in any of the specialties represented below are not eligible for this job.1 year of cumulative experience in PCU within the last 3 years!