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Travel: RN / Post Partum/Mom Baby (345066)
Ref No.: 20-03564
Category: Travel Nursing and Allied
Location: Memphis, Tennessee
Position Description
Postpartum Registered Nurses possess all the basic medical skills and knowledge of nursing as well as those required in the OB department. Postpartum RN administrates the medications and monitors the state of health of the mother and the baby continuously. The RN must handle any emergency that may occur including newborn resuscitation and provide the special care that premature infants and mothers with hard labors require. The Postpartum RN will help with basic care of the newborn, help the mother with self care and provide education to the parents regarding important matters in this process. The parents must be given necessary instruction on holding the baby, changing diapers, breastfeeding support, bathing and care of the umbilical cord and circumcision. The nurse will watch for any sign of distress and intervene if necessary. Taking blood sugars, doing fundal checks, checking for signs of infection, does post-op c-section care and may have to counsel families with fetal demise. The RN must know what to do in a crisis such as diabetic shock, post partum hemorrhage, amniotic fluid embolism, respiratory distress, pulmonary embolism and have the ability to act quickly and decisively. Something small can quickly escalate into disaster and keen observation is required. The Postpartum RN may assist the physician and the staff with whatever they may need to take care of the mother and baby. The RN must observe the baby's behavior relating with mother and also the mother's behavior relating to baby and her birthing experience. Acute observation and sense of how the communication is established between mother and baby is necessary and be prepared for the possibility of post-partum depression. The Postpartum RN should help the bonding between them and encourage skin to skin contact. Postpartum Registered Nurse Duties and Responsibilities Provide nursing functions in the care of new mothers and their newborns. Administer IV fluids and/or medications to mothers. Provide care to newborn babies. Monitoring the health of new mothers and their babies continuously. Provide nursing and/or emergency care to prematurely born babies or babies born seriously ill. Educate and counsel new mothers on care of the baby including breastfeeding, bathing, diapering. Support and assist new mothers to cope with post-partum depression. Comply with and adhere to all nurse practicing laws and regulations. Provide new mothers and babies with the best care possible.