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RN - MedSurg/Tele
Ref No.: 20-01707
Category: Travel Nursing and Allied
Location: Beckley, West Virginia
1. General job duties. Types of procedures required.
RN is responsible for a care of medical telemetry patients. Pt. population includes chest pain, R/O MI, COPD, Client, CHF, Renal Failure, Psych pts. needing medical clearance, and some surgical pts. deemed not suitable for 2nd or 4th floors. Busy floor with lots of admissions and discharges. May assist with some bedside procedures such as central line insertion, thoracentesis, and paracentesis. No cardiac or vasoactive infusions- only heparin, insulin, and occ. Lasix gtt.

2. Equipment utilized in the unit/dept. (Is there computerized charting, medication systems, etc.)
Nihon Koden telemetry, Braun IV pumps, Pyxis medication delivery system, Paper documentation- Meditech coming 2/2019

3. Required skills and minimum years of experience.
Basic arrhythmia interpretation, 3 yrs. Med/tele experience, previous travel preferred.

4. Specific licensures and certifications/registrations required. (ARRT, CRT, BLS, ACLS, etc)
BLS, ACLS, NIHSS, active WV nursing license (or compact state)

5. Shift or schedule requirements. (Will the employee ever work alone? Is call required? If so, how often? Are weekends required?)
36 hrs/week guaranteed, scheduled 36/48 EOW. Weekends required, minimum of 4 weekends per 8 week schedule. No block scheduling.

6. Floating to other units/departments. (If so, to which units/departments?)
Floating to other depts. required per union contract

7. Bed size/number of rooms for this unit/dept.
35 beds, 14 private rooms, 7 semi private rooms with 3 beds each

8. Nurse to patient ratio of this unit. (nursing only)

1:5-7 with 1-2 NA per shift. Efforts in place to recruit and retain NAs.

9. Dress Code:
Solid colors only- no prints. No visible tattoos, facial piercings, or artificial nails.

10. Tell us about the unit/department specific training and orientation program.
2 days general hospital orientation, followed by two 12 hour shifts with a preceptor