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RN - Cardiac StepDown
Ref No.: 20-01700
Category: Travel Nursing and Allied
Location: Springfield, Illinois
General job duties, types of procedures required:
The Cardiovascular Care Unit (CVCU) is a step-down unit. It is a 57 bed unit that encompasses two floors of *** - the fourth and fifth floors. Staffing is acuity based, which means that there is a mix of general cardiac patients as well as intermediate care cardiac patients on a team. Team sizes range from 5 to 6 patients. Typical patient population includes but not limited to: post procedural (cath, stent, ICD, pacemaker), post open heart or valve surgery, post vascular (fem-pop bypass, endarectomy, ect), rhythm abnormalities, and congestive heart failure. Nurses must be able to read telemetry, as we do not have tele techs. Nurses must also be comfortable titrating drips (heparin, nitro, cardizem, amiodarone, dopamine, and insulin).Nurses are expected to be team leaders, pass medications, complete assessments, educate patients, admit, discharge, etc.

Equipment utilized in the unit:
Meditech charting system, pyxis med administration, temporary pacemakers, and artlines.

Required skills and minimum years of experience:
Comfortable taking care of patients with chest tubes, temporary pacemakers, titratable drips, and critical thinknig skills. 2 years experience minimum.

Specific licensures and certifications/registrations required:
IL State Nursing license. BLS, ACLS
NIHSS(if they don't have it, can be completed during orientation)

Shift or schedule requirements:
12 hour shifts with every other weekdend. No call is required

Floating to over units/departments:
Floating is possible (not likely - but is possible). Units that you may float to would be: IMC, surgical, neuro, or otho.

Bed size/number of rooms for this unit/dept:
CVCU takes up two floors of *** (fourth and fifth floors). The same patient populations are on both floors; we just do not fit on one floor. We are a 57 bed unit caring for medical, surgical, and intermediate care cardiac patients.

Nurse to patient ratio of this unit:

Dress Code:
navy blue scrubs (top and bottom) as well as white under shirt if the person gets cold as well as closed toe shoes

Unit specific training and orientation program:
The first day at our facility is spent reviewing policy and procedures as well as Meditech computer training. Day one also involves a telemetry test that must be passed with a score of 90% or higher. The test reviews heart rythms as well as treatment options for rhythms. Two days are spent with a preceptor caring for patients on the unit.