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Hadoop Architect
Ref No.: 17-05271
Location: Pleasanton, California
Hadoop Architect

Responsibilities and Attributes :

- Proficient in SQL queries and stored procedures.

- Proficient with NoSQL databases (Key/Value, Document, Column family, Graph databases), Apache SOLR, Lucene etc.

- Hands on experience with at least some of the NoSQL databases (Preferable if it includes MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis or Neo4J).

- Excellent understanding of HDFS and have hands on experience with at least one of the querying tools like Pig, Hive and Impala.

- Thorough understanding of MapReduce computing paradigm and working experience with at least one of the frameworks/data stores which supports map-reduce capability.

- Very good understanding of core Java, Spring framework and ORM tools like Hibernate

- Experience creating and consuming RESTful web services

- Solid experience in object oriented design patterns, JPA, data structures, algorithms, MVC and concurrency/multithreading

- Experience with software engineering tools like Maven, Jenkins, Git

- Good understanding of functional programming concepts and should have used it in at least one language (Java/Scala/Python/R)

- Experience with containerization (Docker, Vagrant, etc.)

- Knowledge of caching technologies like EhCache, OSCache etc.

- Experience optimizing web applications(CDN, Code compression)

- Experience with test automation (unit, functional, integration)