System Reliability Engineer
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System Reliability Engineer
Ref No.: 17-04877
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Job Description:
System Reliability Engineer:
This role provides end-to-end resiliency for our system state and ensures minimal down time providing the best possible user experience and outstanding system performance. A high level of technical ability is required for this position.

Key Responsibilities:

Participates in the development of design and installation specifications along with commissioning plans. Participates in the development of criteria for and evaluation of equipment and services. Develops acceptance tests and inspection criteria.
Participates in the final check out of new installations and products. This includes factory and site acceptance testing that will assure adherence to functional specifications.
Guides efforts to ensure reliability and maintainability of equipment, applications, processes, utilities, facilities, controls, and security systems.
Effective utilization of predictive and other non-destructive testing methodologies designed to identify and isolate inherent reliability problems
Develops solutions to repetitive failures and all other problems that adversely affect operations. These problems include scalability, capacity, and compliance issues. Understand how one failure will impact the rest of the system.
Run chaos monkey initiatives
Identify end of life phase products & platform. Develop and implement mitigation programs
Key Qualifications:

Data analysis and statistical process control
Reliability modeling and prediction for Cloud, On-Prem and hybrid solutions
Fault Tree Analysis
Root-cause Analysis (RCA)
Failure Reporting and Corrective Action
Asset Utilization
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Remaining useful life
Operating condition, reliability and costs of assets
Provides technical support to production, maintenance management and technical personnel.
Able to work independently under minimal supervision