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Fraud Investigative Analyst
Ref No.: 17-03650
Location: EL SEGUNDO, California
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Fraud Investigative Analyst

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Must Have Skills: Communication Skills - both oral and written * Rating: Superficial Familiarity -12.2Yrs // Customer Service * Rating: Superficial Familiarity - 1.2Yrs // High School diploma or equivalent experience * Yes // Microsoft Office Suites * Rating: Superficial Familiarity- 1.2Yrs // Multi task *Rating: Superficial Familiarity - 1.2Yrs // Organizational skills *Rating: Superficial Familiarity - 1.2Yrs // Self-starter *Rating: Superficial Familiarity - 1.2Yrs ======================================================================================================================================= Is candidate required to be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National?Yes ============================================================================================================================ ========= Nice to Have Skills (PLEASE INCLUDE ON CIF EVEN IF YOUR CANDIDATE DOES NOT HAVE THEM) Bachelor Degree * Yes ========================================================================================================================== Top Five Skills • Bilingual (Spanish) • Customer Service Experience • Computer Savvy • Multi-tasker • Flexible (with schedule, Overtime, working Saturdays)

Overall Purpose: Perform detailed account investigations in a fast-paced work environment. Individual researches and investigates applications for service in order to verify account information and prevent fraudulent accounts from activating. Roles and Responsibilities: 1) Handles a large volume of inbound/outbound calls regarding different fraud related issues. 2) Individual will work with Customers, Dealers, Customer Care and Agent Partners explaining complex issues and circumstances while maintaining professionalism. 3) Individual must maintain applicable performance Metrics as applied to the Team and Individual. 4) Excellent written, verbal, interpersonal skills, attention to detail and analytical skills are a must.

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