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Change Initiative Master Integrator
Ref No.: 17-01530
Location: Mclean, Virginia
Job Description: (Master Integrator (M/SM)
  • 9 - 14 years of configuration, environment and release management experience
  • Good knowledge and experience in planning, managing and coordinating heterogeneous environments; viz., Mainframe, Java, ETL, Sybase and PL SQL
  • Tools - Microsoft Project, SharePoint, Excel, Jenkins, ServiceNow, Client ALM
  • Experience in branching and merging strategies for a large program
  • High level familiarity with GitEye, Maven, Jenkins, Sonar, Fortify
  • Ability to own, manage and drive configuration, environment and release management processes and related artifacts
  • Excellent planning, scheduling and co-ordination skills across multiple teams and stakeholders
  • Identify and drive proactive and Continuous Service Improvements
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Good reporting skills
The Roles and Responsibilities for the Master Integrator is given below
  • Create and Maintain the Environment Build out requirements in Environment Build Workbook by working with Development Teams.
  • Perform the work with the Engineering /Environment Build Team to specify the configuration of any new hardware for a given controlled or non-controlled environments (Informed for DEV, SIT and Responsible for UAT, PERF, E2E, CTE, MAINT, and PROD), monitor and confirm the delivery of that hardware, and validate the delivered hardware and software configuration as well as permissions to ensure it meets the documented specifications
  • Maintain the Jenkins workflow, ISPW, Sonar Qube integration, build scripts. Project team is responsible for developing the Jenkins Workflow, Sonar Qube integration, and build scripts and Master Integrator is accountable to ensure it meets die MAC standards.
  • Plan and Coordinate the deployment by working with project team members, DBA, TCM, WIO and other support members of the shared components such as TAM, firewall, AD, OES, CIAM, OIM, EIH, etc. and ensure it meets the guidance and standards specifications
  • Create/Maintain Follow existing application deployment process on Mainframe working with application team, IMS DBA, Mainframe system engineers, and CSC team for Controlled Environments. Maintain deployment schedule and manage environment assignments across IRCI program.
  • Coordinate infrastructure integration and Manage infrastructure stability and uptime between IRCI projects and other interface points within the Single Family Servicing, Securitization, Selling & Sourcing, Finance, and Data Governance
    • Create and Maintain Bill of materials for all the application code deployments (SIT, UAT, PERF, E2E, CTE, MAINT, and PROD), data setup, and other interface points within IRCI program.
    • Coordinate data setup execution for all the controlled environment testing.
    • Prepare a Weekly Report to the Program Management Office
      • Risks and issues
      • Environment status
  • Track and Manage project team's code deployment activities across all controlled environments for IRCI program Also, manage code sync schedule and provide status update to IRCI program management team
    • Following deliverables are expected
      • Program level code merge plan
      • Program level Code Merge Status, Risk & Issue report
  • Plan and Coordinate Cross-Program Prod Deployment weekends
  • Plan and Coordinate application security testing working with Development teams and Information Security and scheduling of the environment availability for Security testing
  • Plan and Coordinate application Autosys code reviews and approval with application team and Unix Scheduling Team. Accountable for receiving the approval and ensure that the application team fixes any findings from the Scheduling review
  • Follow existing processes to document anticipated and un-anticipated downtime, serve as the point of contact for any troubleshooting of non-code issues, and support the re-purposing of environment that is no longer needed to optimize infrastructure spend across the IRCI program
  • Develop and Maintain a Master Integrator Workbook (existing die Mac template) to record the tasks, work and responsibilities, add process flows, Point of Contact etc. for the shared services such as TAM, firewall, configuration, middleware configuration etc. and also to maintain the workbook and adjust based on new requirements and new best practices implemented within die Mac
  • Ensure Deployment and Back out plans are consistent across work streams at the Program Level. Project Teams are responsiblefor creating the deployment and back out plans at the application level.
    • Following deliverable is expected
      • Program level integrated deployment/back-out plan (Prod & Non-prod)
  • Ensure all the Knowledge Management articles are created/updated in Service Now by working with application development team and Knowledge Management team for Production
  • Ensure all the applications for IRCI program Operations Handbook are updated
  • Plan, Adopt, and Maintain IRCI program environment information in Environment Configuration and Dashboard Application for IRCI program
  • Create and Maintain detailed plans for conversion and cutover to production
  • Conduct deployment dress rehearsals
Assign and manage the tasks to the team and provide status reports on daily basis.