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BT - Database Administrator 3 - 9999NE - 100285
Ref No.: 16-10928
Location: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
The project will focus on improving an existing Sharepoints in the Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Platform and Environment and adding new functionality and features on the sharepoints. Additionally, Microsoft Infopath 2007 forms will be improved and created, and linked to these sharepoints. Finally, there will be a small amount of training materials to develop and provide for small groups (such as creating sharepoint and infopath manuals/guides and presentations for basic "how to's" for editing, and improving existing sharepoints and infopath forms. 75% of the project will be done for the Innovation Management Process for the Innovation and Technology Review process, and 25% of the work with Procurement. InfoPath forms will be sent and used with external customers, returned and uploaded to internal sharepoint. At a minimum, a year of experience with Microsoft 2010 SharePoint and InfoPath is required. Experience with Microsoft 2007 SharePoint and InfoPath is a plus. Candidate must be able to demonstrate intermediate to advanced level skills at interview in SharePoint and InfoPath (no architecture experience is required). Initial contract is only one month due to current fiscal year ending and drawing from current fiscal year budget. This is a high profile project with exposure to upper level leadership with option for longer contract renewal and expansion to other parts of the business, so great opportunities to network within the company and to turn into a long-term project or potential fulltime permanent hire.