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Informatica Cloud Developer
Ref No.: 16-09986
Location: Scottsdale, Arizona
Description/Comment: • Knowledge about the business and what Mckesson does.
• High level overview of the existing Applications in MSH.
• Informatica cloud fundamental questions.
• String analytical skills.
• Questions on previous sales force implementations.
• Strong understanding of Business and Health care domain.
• Strong SQL skills.
• Salesforce jargons.
• Scenario based questions.
• Entity Relationships, one to one, many to one relationship between order table, patient table,cases and drugs.
• Surrogate keys and DW keys concepts.
• Scenario based look up questions in Informatica.
• Questions related to expressions in Informatica.
• Many questions in working on Flat files as source (Inbound files) SFDC as a source.
• Performance tuning.
• Data Replication Service, Data Synchronization Service, Data Assessment, Data Masking, Mapping Configuration tasks.
• Salesforce connectors and common configurations in Salesforce
• Security Tokens and Trusted IP Ranges.
• Upsert Task Operations
• Salesforce Standard API, Success and Error Files for the Standard API & Salesforce Bulk API
• Troubleshooting salesforce connections, DS task, DA task, DR tasks.
• Customer expects the candidate to ask a lot of meaningful questions to the client (like asking about the implementation and migration plan etc,)