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Teradata DBA
Ref No.: 16-09108
Location: Columbus, Indiana

• Database production support of ad-hoc and/or canned queries either via query tuning, cancelling long running and/or hung queries.
• Database Tables' Maintenance like CTAS, analyze and vacuum of bloated tables for smooth execution of ETL, Reporting jobs.
• Database Tables' Data Manipulation like DML and/or DDL.
• Database physical modeling derived from logical model for table's properties definition, and storage information.
• Database Migration and Upgrades relating to Greenplum's databases, DCA servers, or/and Linux RedHat DCA Operating System.
• Database Capacity Management in planning for growth potential.
• Database Disaster Recovery in the areas of backup and restore processes.
• Database Performance Management with regards to optimizing systems resources, workload management, network throughput, and contention issue for satisfactorily user access.
• Database Proactive Monitoring via gpperfmon, internal home grown DBAs bash and/or Perl scripts.
• Database Development to support new projects in Greenplum database.
• Database Accessibility via user and/or application connection access to the database.
• Database Greenplum Support for moving data from production to Dev and/or FQA or vice-versa.
• Gathering stats weekly or quarterly related to database which includes db size in disk, schema sizes, connections, logons, sessions, cpu, memory, io utilization and prepare comparison charts
• Work with EMC and Pivotal Global support in-case of issues related to database, Hardware
• Manage database security user access system in compliance with SOX/PCI compliance as well as assist internal and external auditors in database audits.
• 24X7 Greenplum database support on rotation basis
• Knowledge on Teradata (need this as Expedia also has Teradata DB)
• Willingness to learn teradata database administration.