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DevOps Engineer
Ref No.: 16-08124
Location: SFO, California
1. DevOps tools engineer:
Candidate should have hands on experience in using Github, Jenkins, Maven, Grunt, SonarQube, Artifactory and Docker
2. DevOps Engineer:
Candidate should have hands on experience in using Linux, Docker, Chef. He/She should be able to code/develop Chef receipes and cookbooks.

Candidate should be able to share his/her past experience aligned with JD, should have commands, design/set-up/configuration/implementation, build automation level knowledge as per the JD, Refer attached email for expectation for DevOps tool engineer position.

  • Build process: Hand-on with Resource/artifacts/plugins etc.. used, Type of Target used for deployment
  • Build Automation process: Maven, Jenkins, GRUNT, SonarQube (knowledge of integration, plug-ins, set-up etc..)
  • Testing: Candidate should have knowledge/experience in unit testing (after changing Maven files)
  • Continuous Integration – Share experience, knowdge of process, Tools used.
    • For example: Jenkins integration with SonarQube
    • List of tools/artifacts/plugin used in Jenkins/Maven
  • Monitoring and error tracking of continuous build process –
    • Set-up of monitoring Tools, how do we monitor?
    • Manage multple release process. (How do we handle multiple releases?)
  • GIThub: Experience in usage of GIThubs, GIThub Vs TFS
  • Linux or Unix comands and usage
  • RPM Local Repository set-up (with and without internet connection), command level knowledge. For example how do we know which commands should we use to find missing Artifacts or available artifacts.
  • Maven - Steps to set-up, steps to deploy

Nice to have knowledge on below:
  • Chef, recipe and cookbook – Any scripting done on Ruby
  • Knowledge/experience in building mobile Apps in iOS or Android.