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EM DF PD MOITS - Panel Wirer - FOAP03 - 100604
Ref No.: 16-01400
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas
Pay Rate is 12.05/hr for 1st shift and 2nd will have a $ 0.50/shift diff for total hourly pay rate of $ 12.55/hr ( 2nd shift) If candidates are seeking more than 12.55/hr their pay rate history must be included on their resume for each job/position.

Installs and connects wires on electromechanical equipment (e.g. Low Voltage Switchgear, Power Panels, and
Switchboards, etc.) with the use of electric/mechanical tools and schematics.
Education: High School diploma or equivalent.

Skills: Basic computer skills, and use of basic mechanical and electrical tools.
Must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend the English language
Must be able to reach, grasp, lift 50 lbs, and push/pull/slide heavy material (as needed)
Must be able to make coordinated movements of the hands and arms to grasp and move objects.
Must be able to stoop, bend, squat, crawl, and climb.

Operates tools and equipment common to the wiring trade (e.g. wire strippers, pliers, crimpers, power
tools, etc.).
Scans in and out of work orders (with the use of computers, scanning devices, etc.) in adherence to the
production schedule or expedited orders.
Reads and interprets documents associated with the completion of wiring assignments (e.g. schematics,
wiring lists, etc.).
Gathers wires, parts, and accessories needed in the wiring process.
Marks wires with identifying information and/or attaches identifying tags.
Attaches proper wire/cable terminal connectors.
Bundles wires and fastens with straps, tape, etc.

Wiring Assembler

Mounts fuse blocks, rails, etc. on doors, pans, or other assemblies in preparation for wiring.
Installs, routes, and connects wires/cables in accordance to specifications.
Disconnects and reconnects wires/cables to make adjustments or corrections.
Performs some assembly with use of mechanic tools and blue prints. (e.g. pans).
Reports non-conforming items (e.g. fabricated parts, schematics, etc.)
Cleans and maintains equipment and work area to ensure proper functioning and safe working conditions.
Performs other work as directed by Supervision.
Working Conditions: Job involves typically working indoors, being assigned to any of the different shifts,
occasionally lifting heavy materials, wearing common safety equipment (e.g. cut resistant gloves and
sleeves, safety shoes, safety glasses, ear plugs, etc.) being exposed to loud noises and the possibility of
bumps, cuts, scrapes, and strains.
Capabilities: The following are behaviors essential to being successful in this job.
Safety Advocacy: Ability to promote and ensure a safe work environment; identifies,
communicates, and eliminates hazards encountered during regular course of work.
Quality Orientation: Focused on meeting or exceeding the level of excellence of products,
services, and work activities measured against pre-set standards; able to identify flaws and take
corrective action.
Cooperation: Willingly assists others by offering guidance, sharing knowledge, teaching skills,
or directly performing a task in order to help out. Puts team objectives ahead of personal interests
Adaptability: Willingly accepts organizational changes and responds to changes with appropriate
urgency and actions. Reacts to anger, frustration, and disappointment constructively (i.e. finding
humor in situations; finding solutions to problems, using relaxation techniques; etc.).
Analytical Thinking: The ability to tackle a problem or task using a logical, systematic, and
sequential approach.
Attention to Detail: Ability to capture different aspects of an object or procedure, no matter how
small; verifying correctness or error while being thorough and precise.