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PG WP PS - Assembler 1 - PM679 - Hourly
Ref No.: 16-01259
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Please answer the following 7 required questions answers should be noted at the top of your Candidate's Resume. If submitted without these questions, your candidate will be rejected:

Full Legal Name:

1. Shift Preference:
2. Skill set highlighted:
3. Availability date:
4. Submitted to Siemens Previously: Yes/No
5. Interviewed with Siemens before: Yes/No
6. Currently Employed or other offers pending: Yes/No
7. If offered this position today, would the candidate accept? Yes/No
8. Vacation or time off planned in the next 6 months Yes/No

Starting Pay Rate: $10.50/hr
90 day $11.50/hr
Max at 9 months - $14.50/hr

Will require Hearing and Vision Screenings prior to start date.
PPE: Safety Glasses, Safety Shoes required at all times

Perform general assembly operations on sub-assemblies and final product. Fits, aligns, and assembles components and sub-assemblies using hand and power tools. Understand the complete scope of assembly operations on particular station(s). Work under general direction of supervisor. Must be able to read drawings and any work instruction manuals. Must possess broad knowledge of, and the ability to operate hand tools to include: measuring devices (tape measure, micrometers, veneer calipers), cordless screwdrivers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, center punches, hammers, crimping tools, drills, torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, pneumatic wrenches, hydraulic hole punches, hand wrenches, ratchets and sockets, jib cranes, air operated manipulator for lifting and pallet jacks. Basic computer skills are required. Basic math skills are also required. Must be capable of working in a typical industrial work environment.