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H - Chemical Technician 4 RECRUITED - DGL1013 - 100382
Ref No.: 14-02687
Location: Newark, Delaware
Job Requirements: Pay rate range between $26/hr-$29/hr(MAX) Rate offered will depend on experience and skills so please consider that when submitting your candidates. Don't assume the max rate will be offered.

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's degree in a relevant science (e.g. organic, analytical, biochemistry) and/or has experience in protein chemistry and chemistry production. Individuals with an associates degree may be considered, depending on candidate's prior job experience.
Required skills and experiences will include:
-- Background with chemical reactions at various scales
-- Background in production processes relative to chemical and physical chemistry
-- Basic laboratory techniques used in a chemistry lab (pH, spectrophotometry, pipetting, handling of chemicals, etc.)
Other relevant skills and experiences may include:
-- Knowledge of GMP regulations.
-- Knowledge of GLP.
-- Strong computer skills.
-- Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
-- Evidence of being a strong player in a team setting.
-- Must be able to work independently, able to multi-task and prioritize.
-- Must be a self-starter .

Job Responsibilities:

The manufacturing technician will be responsible for production work orders in the Specialty Reagents production area. Understanding chemistry reactions, conjugations, purifications, LC and HPLC purifications would be benefical.
Functions and responsibilities may include:
-- Manufacture of reagents used in immunodiagnostic assays.
-- Document all such activities accurately in standard production worksheets as part of the device history record.
-- Operate equipment (analytical and production) to complete all manufacturing procedures as prescribed.
-- Maintain the area, complying with all regulatory agency requirements.
-- Maintain high efficiency in operations
-- Understand the basics of antibody-antigen interactions
-- Interface with R&D and other functional organizations within Manufacturing.
-- Draft new documents as needed in support of process improvement and new product development activities.
-- Support continual improvements in multiple areas: procedure upgrades, process development, technical development.