IC BT - Software Engineer 4 RECRUITED - 40076 - 100392
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IC BT - Software Engineer 4 RECRUITED - 40076 - 100392
Ref No.: 14-02461
Location: Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Implements and guides very complex maintenance, testing, and support of software in a network environment. Executes and guides the development of software test requirements for very complex functionality under development. Executes very complex test specifications. Estimates own work. Executes and guides reviews of very complex customers- standards specification and other documentation to determine software requirements. Develops presentations of very complex technical findings and developments. Guides the software quality process through the execution of very complex module, subsystem and system test procedures. Configures hardware and software in a networked environment to provide the appropriate test set-up.

Necessary skills & knowledge:
- General Active Directory rules and configurations
- General DNS/DHCP requirements within an Active Directory
- General Knowledge of Networking essentials
- Knowledge of Network Topology logistics.
- Knowledge of Clear Case

Necessary personal characteristics:
- Excellent communication skills; ability to communicate both verbally and in written form with peers, project leaders, and Sr. management.
- Confident and assertive; unafraid to question authority or to have their own knowledge questioned
- Takes initiative
- Able to work beyond comfort zone
- Able to think quickly and translate general requests into detailed requirements
- Asks questions