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C/R - Human Resources Support 4 RECRUITED - 9999NE - 100368
Ref No.: 14-02402
Location: Alpharetta, Georgia
Pay max $21/hr. This can be a student. If student is submitted the pay should be lower. The high end would be for someone with work experience. Willing to flex for a school schedule somewhat but we truly would like this resource on site each day for most of the standard hours 8-5. Our ideal student would be currently pursuing a masters in HR and would have the foundational experience of a bachelors degree to allow them to be more self-directed. In the case of a masters student pay rate - $18 or $19/hour.

This temporary position would be responsible for supporting key projects underway to enhance our Talent Management portfolio. These projects include but not limited to:
a. Performance Management Process: education, resources, and tools
b. Leadership Development Programs: framework, tools, and processes
c. Organizational Development: best practice research, vendor set-up, education

In addition to the support role on these projects, this role will also serve as the team coordinator preparing for weekly team meetings, coordinating communication, and managing initatives from the team manager related to entire team.

Ideal candidate would have fundamental education/experience in Human Resources, strong project maangement skills, proficient in Microsoft office suite, and comfortable in a self-directed environment with appropriate coaching.

Position location: Siemens Alpharetta GA (must be onsite)
Onsite supervisor: Jill Zahm

This can be a student. Some previous HR experience either in an internship or past job. 1-2 yrs experience Can be very early in their career but strong project mgmt and can work independently.