Previous Job
Sr DevOps Engineer
Ref No.: 18-18389
Location: San Diego, California
Required Skills :
Docker,Windows Services,VMWARE,Linux

Basic Qualifications :

Job Description :
New Manager Notes:
Need Someone who really understands the Ops portion of DevOps (Could be closer to an Architect than Developer)
Identifying Solutions/Improvements through Automation
Needs to have great expertise going from manual to automated
Specifically with OnPrem Datacenters – this work will be done within Teradata’s Private Cloud/Servers/Data Warehouse, not Public Cloud
This will be the beginning of their “Lighthouse Initiative”
VMWare Experience, due to this being datacenter/On Prem related is very important
Types of Automation (Role/Responsibilities)
Taking Security Services and Authentication within Data Centers from Manual to Automation
Ansible Automation Exp. Or comparable tool set expected
Department Holes/Team Needs Overall
Need help in the Conatiner/Containerization space
Linux Space (1 person on their team is retiring)
Windows Experience is a main shortage
Issues so far with candidates already submitted
Candidates have been too “Public Cloud”
More Infrastructure “As a Service” Exp. – This role is not that in the beginning
Mixed Development Skills needed/preferred – 75% Linux Based/25% Windows based
Relo candidates are acceptable, but need to be able to get here in 2-3 weeks
Overall Tools/Skillsets: Linux OS, VM Ware, Kubernetes, Containerization (Docker), Manual to Automation
Manager Notes:
Specific skills and roles:
Role was CAH IaaS offering, customer facing, virtual environment to host VM, bare metal, or container. Customers can host their apps with self-service capabilities. Plug into management console by customers. Platform will consume APIs to configure the environment. Allows customers to come into the environment to be close to Database.
Made of compute, storage, network, with VMware now, container coming later which would be provisioned on top of bare metals.
Virtualization is key inside a private cloud (our dc) so VMWare.
Infrastructure automation. Need to have an infra background but with tendency to automate those environments.
Need to understand compute/storage/network, don’t need to be an expert in all 3 but know enough about them to get stuff done and/or ask for help where needed.
CAH currently only in our DC, but will need to extend into public cloud so experience here is needed too.
Key Responsibilities:
Implement/integrate IntelliCloud solutions within customer data centers
You are able to contribute to designs of and independently operate highly available systems and software in large distributed and Hybrid Cloud environments.
Metric driven with focus on continual improvement
Comfortable working with distributed teams
Automation is in your DNA
System and IT Operations
Continuous deployments
Required Skills and Experience:
Experience working with virtualization software such as VMWare and Openstack
Experience working with complex network topologies and hardware
Linux, Unix, and Windows operating systems
Strong code/scripting skills for IaaS automation
Experience with managing and integrating Identity Management tools such as Microsoft Active Directory
Configuration Management tools such as Puppet, Chef, Ansible, SaltStack
Experience working with IaaS/Infrastructure as Code tools, such as CloudFormations, Terraform, etc
Experience working in a cloud/IaaS environment – AWS, Azure
Monitoring/Alerting tools such as New Relic, Nagios, Icinga and Graphite
Containerization tools such as Vagrant, Kubernetes, Docker or LXC
Expertise in leveraging a wide variety of open source technologies
Test and build systems such as TeamCity, Jenkins, Maven, Ant
Basic Qualifications:
Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or related field
3+ years of relevant job experience