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WTX Lead Developers
Ref No.: 18-17561
Location: Lewisville KY, Kentucky
The successful candidate will possess extensive knowledge of ITXA architecture, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) principles and Linux environment design. The candidate must possess extensive experience with performance tuning and optimization of ITXA at the application, database and infrastructure level. Advanced knowledge of EDI process integration and experience migrating legacy EDI processes to ITXA is a must. Strong oral and verbal communication skills are required as the candidate will be coordinating and collaborating with multiple support and application development groups throughout the project. Strong technical writing and documentation skills are required as the candidate will be responsible for drafting project deliverables including architecture diagrams, process flows, installation guides and support procedures.

The candidate must have experience with the following areas, activities and platforms:

Technical Skills And Experience
  • Advanced knowledge of WTX 8.4 including:
    • Maps
    • Type Trees
    • Error Handling
    • Design Studio
    • Module Deployment
  • Advanced knowledge of Trading Manager functionality including:
    • Partner Management
    • Functional Acknowledgement Management
    • Maps
    • Type Trees
    • Error Handling
    • File Routing
  • Expert knowledge of Launcher design and configuration including:
    • Multi-system deployment and configuration
    • Thread performance tuning
    • Page size tuning and Launcher parameter tuning for performance.
  • Expert knowledge of ITX functionality including:
    • Map Design
    • Type Trees
    • Error Handling
    • Design Studio
    • Module Deployment
    • EDI standards validation
  • Expert knowledge of ITXA functionality including:
    • Partner Management
    • Envelope Management
    • Functional Acknowledgement creation and reconciliation
    • EDI standards validation
    • Error Handling
    • API Calls
  • Migrating maps, systems and launchers from WTX 8.4 to ITX 9.0 and ITXA 9.0
  • Migrating Trading Manager 8.2 systems to ITXA 9.0
  • Migrating EDI functionality from mainframe Gentran 6.4 environments to ITX 9.0 and ITXA 9.0
  • Designing complex multi-node ITXA environments
  • Designing, configuring and performance tuning file system cooperative browsing
  • Advanced knowledge of ITXA process data creation, manipulation and extraction
  • Advanced knowledge of ITXA error handling processes
  • Advanced knowledge of ITX and ITXA implementation and configuration in a Linux 7.4 environment
  • Experience deploying ITXA with DB2LUW Advanced Enterprise Edition in Linux environments
    • Experience analyzing and performance tuning DB2LUW databases
    • Experience with DB2LUW data replication via HADR
    • Experience with DB2LUW database monitoring via Foglight and Tivoli
  • Experience installing and configuring ITX AND ITXA Packs
  • Expert knowledge of complete ITX and ITXA system design and deployment strategies including:
    • Server Architecture
    • Integrating data flows between ITX and ITXA
    • Performance tuning maps, type trees, systems and launchers
  • Expert knowledge of performance tuning complex multi-node ITXA environments including:
    • Analyzing memory and CPU consumption at the thread level
    • Advanced JVM configuration
    • File system vs memory execution options
  • Expert knowledge of Linux scripting
  • Advanced knowledge of Perl scripting
  • Experience designing and implementing data retention strategies based on company policy.
  • Advanced knowledge of network storage and replication strategies.
  • Advanced experience with incorporating disaster recovery planning into system and architecture design including:
    • Intra datacenter redundancy and failover capabilities
    • Inter datacenter failover capabilities and procedures
  • Advanced knowledge of integrating strong security principles into system and application architecture including:
    • Securing data transmissions
    • Managing user roles and access
    • Integrating ITX and ITXA with third-party data encryption packages (knowledge of Vormetric a plus)

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Skills
  • Advanced knowledge EDI standards including X12 and EDIFACT
  • Advanced knowledge of EDI message creation, validation and translation
  • Advanced knowledge of EDI message relationships and bi-directional communication flows
  • Expert knowledge of enveloping and de-enveloping
  • Expert knowledge or EDI partner onboarding and management principles and best practices