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Inside Sales Professional 1
Ref No.: 18-17497
Location: Austin, Texas
NOTE: Role will be a base of $12.01/hr PLUS commission. Commission will be 5% sale price of project/product. Guaranteed $2,000 first 3 months whether accquire new sale or not. This is a highly commisioned sales rep role. ($2,000.00 each month for 3 months guarantee. Paid out each month )

* Provides information to customers and/or general sales.* Analyses end customers' needs and may support their decision making process. * Investigates and pre-qualifies customer contacts / leads based on data analysis or remote customer contact* May act as back-office support for general sales Sales OperationsSales Professional (Starter):They will support and assist in sales procedures, analyze issues, implement changes and prepares customer visits, investigations, market research activities or sales & marketing controlling operations, in a frame of a sales organization.Vocationally trained and experienced (semi-) professional positions, with extensive knowledge of a range of specific standardized products, systems and services, performing all topics outlined in respective Position profiles, Or: Entry-level academic professional positions, needed sound knowledge on principles, technologies and theories: Higher Level: Master degree universityLower level: Bachelor Degree; "Professional Starter"Positions support business processes, solution of technical issues, development of new methodologies, procedures, tools and products with their theoretical and/or practical know how and understanding. They focus on interpretation and application of procedures, analyze issues, implement changes, and may advise and guide operational positions in their area of specialism. Entry-level academic Bachelor positions, needed sound knowledge on principles, technologies and theories; certifications in specific fields might be requiredOr: Vocationally trained and experienced (semi-) professional positions with extensive knowledge of a range of specific processes and systems (see -? GRIP Leveling Core Chart "Operations") 0-2 years Professional Qualification with basic knowledge in a technical field. Work is routine in a related field of work, gaining experience through focused inhouse-training.