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Data Modeler
Ref No.: 18-15745
Location: McLean, VA, Virginia
Detailed Job description
  1. Understand client requirements and create data model in the data warehouse to support the project.
  2. Proficiency in ERWIN tool is expected (as data model is created using ERWIN)
  3. Create STTM (Source To Target Mapping) document which links fields from Source (source file from other vendor or from other system) to destination (PenFed data warehouse)
  4. Explain the data model to client business / architecture team and get approval
  5. Expertise in Microsoft SQL Server 2008
    1. Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 is desirable, but not mandatory)
  6. Participate in Daily Stand-up, end of the Sprint client demo, Sprint retrospective & Spring planning meetings
  7. Create tables in development environment and provide DDL to DBA team for creating tables in QA/UAT/Production environment

Skill matrix
Mandatory Skills Skill Proficiency
Years of Experience Basic Knowledge Medium Expert
Data Modeling 7+ Years Yes
ERWIN 5+ Years Yes
MS SQL Server 2008 (or) 2016 5+ Years Yes
Agile Delivery Methodology 1+ Years Yes
SQL 7+ Years Yes