Android Platform Developer
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Android Platform Developer
Ref No.: 18-14246
Location: Menlo Park, CA, California
  • Strong Knowledge of Android OS Architecture (System, HAL and Framework)
  • Programming Experience in Linux based System Software
  • Understanding of Camera, Multimedia Android components
  • Strong Knowledge of Android UI, Asynctask, ART, Dalvik, system libraries and threading
  • Strong Knowledge of ADB, Systrace, logcat, event logs, tombstones, ANR, Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, application development
Must have programming language knowledge such as C/ C++ Preferred : Java

Remarks :

Some inputs on what kind of profile will be suitable –
Candidates with experience in companies such as Qualcomm, Client, Sony Mobile, Samsung, Client or similar organizations.
Candidates with experience in Android Platform (Linux Kernel, HAL, Multimedia, Graphics, Camera, etc.)
Candidates with only Android Application Experience will not work.
Candidates with Android Experience in Banking / Finance domain will not work.