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Full Stack Java Developer
Ref No.: 18-05691
Location: Chicago IL, Illinois

Key Responsibilities

Mandatory Skill: Core Java, Spring Boot, Webservices, REST,Angular, NodeJS, React

Good to have: Pair programming.

· Experience and practice using TDD to demonstrate functioning code that meets requirements

· Ability to work closely with other developers as part of a team or minimally, in a paired environment for 8 hours each day

· Strong communication skills and an ability to articulate technical vision while understanding business requirements. A conviction to ones implementation approach but not so unwavering that they cannot be swayed based on sound logic and feedback from their peers to see a "higher value " implementation.

· Knowledge of the cloud and deployment expectations and complexities. Developers should be capable of deploying application 'bits' to AWS or other similar cloud environment.

· Strong understanding of programming patterns is important and required. The ideal candidate will know the Go programming language but where this skill is lacking, a deep understanding of programming patterns and demonstrable knowledge of Java will suffice. Our expectation is good foundational knowledge in a language such as Java will translate to Go when the syntax of the language is understood.

· Additionally, candidates could benefit from a working knowledge of Spring, Java and Bash. To be effective an experience with system administration, UNIX, process management, deployment technologies.

· Candidates will be agile practitioners, having achieved proficiency in agile methodologies through years of experimentation and learning. A demonstration of more than just the basics is required to be successful. Candidates should demonstrate a deep experience participating in standups/daily scrums, planning meetings, iteration retrospectives etc.

· Open source participation and knowledge is important. Cloud Foundry is an open source technology and a strong understanding of what it means to work in open source is required.