Project Manager Level IV (PM4)
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Project Manager Level IV (PM4)
Ref No.: 18-02708
Location: CARSON CITY, Nevada
Job Title: Project Manager Level IV (PM4)

10. EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS REQUIRED listed in order of importance

Consultant must have:

10.1 The capability to perform the functions described in Section 13, Scope of Work;

10.2 A minimum of four (4) years over the last eight (8) years working as a Project Manager using both Agile and Waterfall methodologies;

10.3 Extensive experience developing a PMO;

10.4 Experience evaluating entity PMO related maturity and defining next steps to increase maturity;

10.5 Ability to convey project management principles and concepts to executive staff;

10.6 Expertlevel competency using MS Project 2016 both as a stand-alone and SharePoint;

10.7 Ability to develop and maintain resource management in both MS Excel and MS Project;

10.8 Skilled in project portfolio management;

10.9 Highly developed written and verbal communication skills;

10.10 The ability to analyze, distill, and communicate results and recommendations;

10.11 Current PMP and PMI-ACP Certifications; and

10.12 The ability to work with the executive team, business teams, and technical teams in developing analysis and recommendations.

11. EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS DESIRED listed in order of importance

11.1 Consultant should have prior experience evaluating groups and individuals engaged in Project Management (PM) within an established Project Management Office (PMO).

11.2 Prior experience with progressive PMO development/maturity.


DWSS has been developing the Project Management capabilities over time and has a history of successfully implementing business driven projects. DWSS would like an independent evaluation of the agency in relationship to the use of the Project Management Office (PMO), its methods, tools, and practices. In addition, the assessment should take into consideration the maturity of the agency in its use of the PMO. DWSSs expectation is that the selected consultant will conduct a full evaluation of the PMO and the business units, to analyze and provide documented findings and recommendations for optimization in both areas to include resource and portfolio management. Upon approval, the selected consultant will implement their recommendations while raising the maturity level of the PMO. This position reports directly to the PMO Chief and will act as a liaison to PMO staff to ensure continuous operations of the PMO.