Business Analyst
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Business Analyst
Ref No.: 18-01540
Location: Roanoke, Virginia
Required Skills :
1. Peoplesoft/similar financial systems Experience
2. Data Mapping
3. Experience integrating multiple systems

Basic Qualifications :

Job Description :
Peoplesoft/similar financial system bg
2. Data Mapping
3. Experience integrating multiple systems
The BA can create current (As Is) and future (To Be) business or system processes, both written and via process flow diagram, that are clear, orderly and easy to read and understand
throughout all levels of the organization.
The BA can write requirements that are complete, concise, accurate and traceable (for waterfall).
The BA can write user stories that are concise, accurate, traceable (for agile).
The BA can solely schedule and run requirements and story building sessions with the stakeholders both in person and via Webex.
The BA can clearly verbally present requirements, user stories and processes to the stakeholders in a meeting format.
The BA can write user stories with the clear intention of producing a minimum viable product within the sprint. (for agile)
The BA produces the expected deliverables according to the target dates agreed to with the project manager, and alerts the project manager to any impediments that may affect
target deliverable dates.
The BA can solely ensure clarity between the business and IT, ensuring that IT understands what needs to be built and the business agrees on the solution being provided.
The BA consistently raises issues or limitations to both the product owner, project team, and project manager in an expedient and clear manner, remaining transparent at all times.
The BA is available to answer developer and QA questions in an expedient and positive manner.
The BA can partner with the enterprise architect or lead developers to lend their knowledge to design solutions as needed.
The BA can facilitate user acceptance testing with the product owner/stakeholders to ensure that what was developed meets its purpose.
The BA anticipates and expects change to occur, and facilitates re-prioritization of the expected deliverables when change introduces chaos.
The BA assists development or system transfer to support as needed by ensuring that the support team understands the system, the business knows to contact support for issues,
and that support has access to documentation that will assist in support.
The BA provides support and subject matter expertise across the business and IT as needed.