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Server-side Java development with experience in Cloud technology and DevOps
Ref No.: 17-30395
Location: Morrisville, North Carolina
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Role Details:
  • Work in small project teams to develop java-based microservices based on 12-factor guidelines and hosted on SpringBoot
  • Be able to work within a DevOps environment with continuous integration and automated testing
  • Develop using the agile methodology with daily stand-ups, bi-weekly sprints and frequent deployments into production
  • Deliver all microservices as independently deployable Docker containers.

Essential Skills Needed
  • Passionate about Cloud technology and DevOps
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work within small agile development teams
  • Expert: 5+ years' experience of server-side Java development experience. Preferred Java 8.0
  • Advanced: Experience in Cloud Native development using microservices, 12 factor guidelines and Docker containers
  • Expert: 5+ years' experience of working with Agile development methodologies
  • Advanced: 2+ years' experience developing in SpringBoot
  • Advanced: HTML5 / CSS development
  • Advanced: Experience working with core JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or REACT
  • Intermediate: Experience of working with BPMN 2.0 or similar workflow standards
  • Intermediate: Experience working with MongoDB or other NoSQL technologies
  • Desirable: Experience of working in a financial or banking environment
  • Desirable: Experience working with Elastic Search