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EM DF PD MOITS - Fabricator 1 - VSTFAB652 - 100605
Ref No.: 17-29749
Location: Pomona, California
JOB TITLE: Fabrication Machine Operator


Division: Energy Management
Business Unit: Low Voltage & Products (LP) Distribution
Plant(s): Pomona (POM)
Department(s): Fabrication
Seniority Group: Fabrication
Job Classification: Full-Time
Wage Category: Non-Exempt
EEO-1/Job Grouping: Production Worker: 08/65 - Unskilled Manufacturing
Class C: 07/61 - Semi-Skilled Fabrication
Class B: 06/52 - Skilled Fabrication
Class A: 06/52 - Skilled Fabrication
Standard Occupational
Classification (SOC): Production Worker thru Class A: 51-4011.00
Reports to: Manufacturing Supervisor
Effective Date: 9/1/2016


Responsible for operating punch, shear and brake machines in the fabrication of custom parts.


• Education: High School diploma or equivalent
• Experience: None
• Specialized Training: CNC Programming preferred
• Knowledge: Basic shop math
• Skills: Basic computer skills , and use of basic mechanical/measuring tools
• Abilities:
 Must be able to speak, read, write, and comprehend the English language
 Must be able to work standing for the duration of the shift
 Must be able to reach, grasp, lift 50 lbs , and push/pull/slide heavy material
 Must be able to make coordinated movements of the hands and arms to grasp and move objects.
 Must be able to stoop, bend, squat, crawl, and climb
• Other: Must be at least 18 years of age


• Sets up, programs, tests, and adjusts machines to shear, pierce, extrude, bend, and/or shape material according to specifications.
• Shears bus and steel with the use of shear machines.
• Processes work orders in adherence to the production schedule or expedited orders.
• Reads and interprets blue prints to produce desired parts.
• Installs, exchanges, aligns, and locks specified punches, dies, or other fixtures on machines as applicable.
• Interfaces industrial robot (if applicable) for picking and placing materials on a conveyor or other specified device.
• Loads, positions, and secures materials against fixtures, clamps, or stops on machines.
• Observes equipment operations and resolves problems with the machine operator control.
• Inspects completed workpieces for defects (e.g. jagged edges or marred surfaces).
• Measures completed workpieces (with the use of squares, tape measure, calipers, etc.) to verify conformance with specifications.
• Marks parts with identifying information.
• Neatly stacks fabricated parts on carts, conveyors, or any other specified devices.
• Properly discards scrap and/or defected materials that are not serviceable.
• Initiates scrap tickets to generate part replacement orders.
• Works with Material Handlers to ensure the material for each job is available (e.g. copper, aluminum, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel etc.)
• Cleans and maintains machines, equipment, and work area to ensure proper functioning and safe working conditions.
• Class A Operators must be able to perform or assist maintenance in performing necessary repairs to equipment.
• Ability to drive forklift and any other electrical material lifting/handling equipment for loading material to the machine and unloading raw material from trucks.
• Performs other work as directed by Supervision.


• Working Conditions: Job involves typically working indoors, being assigned to any of the different shifts, occasionally lifting heavy materials, wearing common safety equipment (e.g. cut resistant gloves and sleeves, safety shoes, safety glasses, ear plugs, etc.) being exposed to loud noises and the possibility of bumps, cuts, and scrapes.

• Capabilities: The following are behaviors essential to being successful in this job.

 Safety Advocacy: Ability to promote and ensure a safe work environment; identifies, communicates, and eliminates hazards encountered during regular course of work.

 Quality Orientation: Focused on meeting or exceeding the level of excellence of products, services, and work activities–measured against pre-set standards; able to identify flaws and take corrective action.

 Cooperation: Willingly assists others by offering guidance, sharing knowledge, teaching skills, or directly performing a task in order to help out. Puts team objectives ahead of personal interests.

 Adaptability: Willingly accepts organizational changes and responds to changes with appropriate urgency and actions. Reacts to anger, frustration, and disappointment constructively (i.e. finding humor in situations; finding solutions to problems, using relaxation techniques; etc.).

 Spatial Reasoning: Ability to think in three dimension; being able to mentally generate, rotate, and transform visual images.

 Geometric Shapes Matching: Ability to group different types of shapes together based on form, size, depth, etc.