Previous Job
Azure security consultant
Ref No.: 17-29704
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Mandatory Skills:
Provide operations support (largely SOP driven) for Firewall, IDS/IPS devices, WAF, DLP, EndPoint Security, SIEM and VPN devices
EndPoint – Identify & fix AV issues. Block identified Indicators of Compromise in HIPS
DLP – Review DLP findings and report on violations
SIEM – Monitor SIEM dashboards and alert SOC of incidents. Remediate smaller BAU issues
Firewalls – Update IPS signatures, perform risk analysis of firewall change requests
Qualys – Add new IP subnets for scanning. Monitor for missing scans.
VPN – Escalate to engineering for issues.
Causal analysis support for incidents, issues, log analysis before escalating it to the next level

Job Role:
Assess and identify vulnerabilities in azure environment for vulnerabilities / risks reported in Azure security center environment
Prioritize vulnerabilities and prepare a charter to remediate reported vulnerabilities based on risk assessment
Design and implementation experience in implementing azure security policies that address OS vulnerabilities, endpoint protection, disk encryption, web application firewall, vulnerability assessment
Experience in deploying anti virus solutions, web application firewalls and remediating vulnerabilities
Experience in remediation operating system vulnerabilities, detecting network protocol deviations