Ref No.: 17-29014
Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Required Skills :
Needs Selenium and C#

Basic Qualifications :

Job Description :
You will be using c# and selenium to do object oriented programming for a nationally known bank in Hoover, AL. They want to automate the entire bank. You will also be developing scripts but yo're in a tester role. They are looking for someone to manage the testing and be the right hand of the V.P. of Test Automation. This position is a hybrid between an automated QA and a Developer.
Job Description:
Works with the Manual Testers on the team to discover which manual tests can and should be automated.
Create, maintain and review automatable test scripts and test suites.
Discover new concepts and technologies and translate these for use in Simulators and Devices.
Remain aware of technological progress to ensure organization's products remain of the highest quality.
Design and develop product quality testing plans, specifications, and procedures to ensure that products meet design specifications and are within total quality management limits and standards.
Strong understanding of software development methodologies, especially Agile.
Knowledge of Java and/or C#.
Knowledge of Selenium or a similar Test Automation technology.
The ability to mentor junior automation engineers.
Coordinate the automation backlog.
Participate in regression testing then automate the test cases using selenium.

· 5-7+ years of current professional experience in Testing software, a combination of Test Automation and Manual Testing experience.
· 3+ years experience as a Test Automation Engineer.
· Experience using test & automation tools/frameworks: i.e. JUnit, NUnit, Selenium
· Some light exposure to HTML and CSS.
· Some exposure to testing devices and/or mobile applications, preferred.