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COTA - Dallas, TX
Ref No.: 17-28474
Location: Dallas, Texas
Position Urgency: Normal
On Call Rate: No Call
Overtime Rate: Overtime Rate = the All Inclusive Regular Rate
Call Back Minimum: No Additional Call Back Paid
Holiday Rate: Holiday Rate = the All Inclusive Regular Rate
State License Status Required For Bid Submissions: Must Be Currently Active
Minimum Years Experience Required For Bid Submissions: 1
Additional Information or Terms: • Screening – Healthpro requires the following: All reqs listed on agency checklist to be uploaded into prior to start.• Overtime – All overtime must be approved by a Program Manager in advance of Contractor working that overtime.• Travel Time – Travel time/mileage to/from home is not paid by Healthpro. Travel time or mileage between centers will be considered on a case by case basis, but must be approved prior to confirmation of the assignment. If there is a pre-approval of travel time/mileage, please include that in the notes section of the confirmation.• Coverage Requests – Contractors are expected to comply with coverage requests, and should be willing to provide service at facilities within a 30 mile radius of their original assignment. Cancellation – Traveler assignments require a 14 day notice or 30 day notice dpending on job description. Holidays: Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Healthpro will pay regular all-inclusive rate for time worked on holidays or offer the therapist weekend hours to fulfill any weekly guarantee, if the therapist decides to not work additional hours offered, weekly guarantee is not valid. Please note that all mileage reimbursement paid by Healthpro Services will be paid at $.IRS rate
Are Full Time Candidate Submissions Welcome?: No
Minimum Guarantee Hours At Regular Rate: 30