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Java Selenium
Ref No.: 17-28392
Location: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
Updated JD:
  • Work experience with Automation Tools – mandatory
  • SDET
  • Any framework exp.
  • So what they need is – Strong Java/Selenium person who has done scripting of test cases and can do – Coding/debugging.

Here are the list of questions w.r.t Java basics and Coding,

Java basic questions:
  1. What is Static Method and why Main is a static method?
  2. Can we override static method?
  3. What is constructor overloading?
  4. Can we use private member of parent class in sub class?
  5. Can we access protected method of parent class in sub class? Give an example
  6. Give interface example in Selenium code base?
  7. What is the difference between instance and class variable?
  8. What is access modifier in Java?

Coding questions:
  1. Write program to reverse a string without using reverse function
  2. Write a program to find out longest word in a string of words
  3. write a program to find out a longest word in a string of word which does not have any duplicate character
  4. Write a program for Fibonacci series
  5. write program to remove a character form a string