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Ref No.: 17-27944
Location: Danville, Pennsylvania
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We ideally prefer inpatient perinatal experience including L&D, postpartum, and/or nursery care. If without perinatal experience, we prefer RN’s with nursing experience (med/surg, peds, critical care). We do occasionally hire GN’s but not routinely. We are a 25 bed (LDRP’s) high risk inpatient obstetrical unit. All nurses are cross-trained to care for a variety of OB patients including L&D, antepartum, postpartum, nursery, OB triage. Nurses also are trained to OR responsibilities including circulation, scrubbing, and recovery. Our Nurse:Patient ratio varies depending on acuity and stage of labor. Active labor patients are generally 1:1, postpartum/nursery assignments are generally 1:6. Our assignments are constantly evaluated as patient conditions change and new labor patients are admitted. An ideal perinatal nurse is compassionate, a strong patient advocate, and has effective communication skills. Accurate assessment skills and critical thinking is required in this fast-paced environment. This nurse should be professional, motivated, flexible, and collaborative. There are Attending Obstetricians and Residents available on the unit at all times. Anesthesia and Pediatrics are also available and on campus 24/7. A level three NICU borders our nursing unit and available to evaluate newborns and attend complicated deliveries as needed. Our team is composed of an Operations Director, two Team Coordinators, a Clinical Nurse Educator, and a Perinatal Education Coordinator. We also have a lactation team available 7 days/week. Most RN positions are regional resources and trained to work at Geisinger Bloomsburg Hospital’s low risk perinatal unit with one pre-scheduled GBH shift every two weeks. We provide a shared scheduling process. 16-20 hours of on call per six week schedule is required of each RN. With the exception of regional RN’s, the unit is “closed” so “pulling” or re-assignment to another unit is not required. An obstetrical professional certification is preferred but not necessary.

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Quick Start

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Labor and Delivery Nurse
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