Ref No.: 17-25317
Location: Elmira, New York
1. General job duties. Types of procedures required.
Nursing care of post partum, Antepartum patients and normal newborn infant care; labor and delivery care for laboring, high risk/normal risk patient population. Will need to have Labor and Delivery experience with Med-Surg/Mother Baby/Post partum/GYN. IV start, phlebotomy, Electronic Fetal Monitoring skills required.

2. Equipment utilized in the unit/dept. (Is there computerized charting, medication systems, etc.)
Electronic Fetal Monitoring (Trace Vue), EMR (Quadramed); Pyxis medication delivery system

3. Required skills and minimum years of experience.
• One position with at least one year of Med-Surg/Mother Baby/Post partum/GYN/Normal Newborn or some combination of those
• One position with the above plus 6 months-one year labor and delivery experience
Both require experience with Electronic fetal monitoring

4. Specific licensures and certifications/registrations required. (ARRT, CRT, BLS, ACLS, etc)
RN Licensure; BLS, NRP

5. Shift or schedule requirements. (Will the employee ever work alone? Is call required? If so, how often? Are weekends required?)
36-40 hours/week, every other weekend required
Prefer Day/Night, straight nights or straight evening

6. Floating to other units/departments. (If so, to which units/departments?)
Perinatal only

7. Bed size/number of rooms/daily specimen/procedure count for this unit/dept.
Maternity Unit: 20 Beds, mother-baby unit
Labor and Delivery: 8 labor rooms, 2 OR’s; 2 triage beds; 2 PACU beds

8. Nurse to patient ratio of this unit. (nursing only)
Maternity: 4:1
Labor and Delivery: 1:1 or 2:1

9. Dress Code:
Scrubs supplied (on unit in locker room-laundered at facility)

10. Tell us about the unit/department specific training and orientation program.
AWHONN EFM on-line basic training
1-2 weeks orientation to Maternity (Mother baby)
1 additional week to Labor and delivery for L&D position

Additional Comments:
• We are approved for 2 positions. At least one should have Labor and delivery experience. If there is NOT a candidate available with that experience, we are happy to consider 2 with at least one year of Med-Surg/Mother Baby/Post partum/GYN/Normal Newborn or some combination of those