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PT - Wichita, KS - ASAP
Ref No.: 17-25190
Location: Wichita, Kansas
Position Urgency: Rapid Response / Crisis
On Call Rate: No Call
Overtime Rate: Overtime Rate = the All Inclusive Regular Rate
Call Back Minimum: No Additional Call Back Paid
Holiday Rate: Holiday Rate = the All Inclusive Regular Rate
State License Status Required For Bid Submissions: Must Be Currently Active
Minimum Years Experience Required For Bid Submissions: 1
Additional Information or Terms: This is a MSP (Managed Service Provider) job posting. The MSP provider relationship is held by Onward Healthcare for all Select Rehab contract labor needs. Please review all supporting documents located in “Facility Information Profile” prior to submitting candidates for consideration.ATTN: Affiliate Vendors must sign the affiliate vendor staffing agreement along with 3 additional exhibits located in the client profile page. This must be done prior to assignment confirmation. Terms in these agreements are non-negotiable. NOTE: Any contractors working at Select Rehab must have prior approval to work over 40 hours per week. Contractors are not allowed OT and hours worked without prior approval will not be paid. Confirmation Pages will have N/A for Overtime notation.NOTE: Select Rehab will not consider any candidates with a lifting or weight restriction
Are Full Time Candidate Submissions Welcome?: No
Minimum Guarantee Hours At Regular Rate: 40