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TX - Critical Care Unit 12hr nights
Ref No.: 17-24407
Location: Abilene, Texas
Position Urgency: Normal
On Call Rate: $5 hour pager
Overtime Rate: All Inclusive Rate + $10
Call Back Minimum: 1 Hour Minimum
Holiday Rate: All Inclusive Rate + $10
Shift: 7p-7a
State License Status Required For Bid Submissions: Application Upon Candidate Acceptance OK
Minimum Years Experience Required For Bid Submissions: 3
Additional Information or Terms: Please note: Facility will also conduct their own drug screen upon arrival. Reminder: All agencies need to put the travelers email on their profiles. It makes our process so much quicker if it is on there so that we can send prophecy as soon as the manager phone interviews. Lately I’ve had to message a lot of agencies to get the email to then send the assessments. Please include the cover page listed on the hospital profile as part of your submission. Thank you! Make sure all travelers are made aware that if they are getting anything done here by our Employee Health nurses, TB, mask fitting, that they are to have money with them to pay for it. We’ve had a couple lately not be aware and it annoys the traveler and then our nurses end up wasting time to reschedule them. Please not that as of April 1, 2014 Hendrick will be randomly drug screening perm and contract staff. Please make sure your traveler is aware they might be chosen to do a random drug screen while on assignment. DO NOT CALL INTO THIS FACILITY! DOING SO WILL CAUSE YOUR CANDIDATE TO BE RETRACTED AND A POSSIBLE SUSPENSION OF YOUR AGENCY! Please note your candidate must pass our Prophecy testing before being offered an assignment at this facility. Hospital recognizes six (6) national holidays. Department heads will determine work schedules based on the operating requirements of their departments or units. Staff must obtain authorization of their supervisor before taking a designated holiday off. Department directors and Vice Presidents may choose to close the department if there are no regular operating needs that must be met on that day. The designated holidays are as follows: New Year’s Day Memorial Day July 4th Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day I. Facility will provide an orientation for Agency Professionals. Orientation will include an explanation of job responsibilities and the policies and procedures of which Agency Professionals must be aware in order to perform and document high quality patient care. Agency will pay Agency Professionals salary for sixteen (16) hours of the required Facility orientation. The Facility will pay the agreed upon All Inclusive hourly rate for any hours greater than sixteen prior to commencement of worked assignment at contracted rate per hours of service, Agency employee must work at least three (3) scheduled shifts after completion of orientation for Agency to be paid for orientation hours.
Are Full Time Candidate Submissions Welcome?: No
Minimum Guarantee Hours At Regular Rate: 36