Previous Job
Apprentice Composites Technician-Agency
Ref No.: 17-23005
Location: Hawthorne, California
• Trimming and finishing of composite and composite metallic assemblies
• Assembly of structures including setup, bonding and fastener applications.
• Surface prep, using grit blast, hand abrade and power abrasion techniques.
• Laminate assemblies by determining proper placement of composite materials into molds.
• Prepare parts for bagging, including placement of bleeders, thermocouples, probes and vacuum connections.
• Vacuum bag processing, bonding, and oven/autoclave curing.
• Making basic layouts on parts or assemblies in order to establish reference points and to check dimensions using calipers, micrometers, precision scales and torque wrenches.

Basic Qualifications:
• High School Diploma or GED

Preferred Skills and Experience
• Experience with reaming and honing and/or countersinking of uniform close tolerance holes in proper sequence while using the correct tool for the job (e.g., rivet gun and bucking bar, drill motor, power screwdriver, C-squeeze, ratchet wrench, nut runner).
• Experience with Thermal Protection System (TPS) or Phenolic Impregnated Carbon Ablator (PICA).
• Experience operating a ply cutting machine.
• Experience operating a laser projector to layout laminated assemblies.
• Experience reading and interpreting engineering drawings, an understanding for drawing symbols, flag notes and general notes.
• Ability to follow written and verbal instructions, read Travelers and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures).
• Attention to detail and accuracy while working within a fast-paced environment.