Ref No.: 17-21682
Location: Portales, New Mexico
***PRE AND POST OP***Responsible for the delivery of safe, effective, and quality patient-family centered care in the OR and other areas of perioperative services for all patient populations. Essential Functions• Promotes the mission, vision, and values of the organization.• Assesses patients at intervals as stated in policies and procedures.• Develops an individualized perioperative patient plan of care.• Implements the plan of care by:? protecting the patient from injury caused by chemical, electrical, mechanical, and thermal sources and extraneous objects;? performing accounting procedures to protect the patient from unintended retained surgical items;? performing interventions necessary to ensure that the patient’s procedure is performed on the correct site, side, and level;? managing the patient’s specimens in the appropriate manner;? communicating the patient’s current status to the appropriate parties throughout the continuum of care;? administering medications safely and correctly;? performing interventions to maintain the patient’s wound and tissue perfusion at or above baseline levels;? performing interventions to maintain the status of the patient’s genitourinary, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, endocrine, respiratory, cardiovascular, and neurological systems and fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balances at or above baseline levels;? performing interventions to ensure the patient is at or returned to normothermia at the conclusion of the immediate postoperative period;? performing interventions to protect the patient from surgical site infection;? assessing the knowledge level of the patient or designated support person;? providing education regarding the expected psychosocial response, nutritional management, medication management, pain management, wound management, and expected responses to the operative or invasive procedure;? actively involving the patient or designated support person in decisions affecting his or her perioperative plan of care and the rehabilitation process;? protecting the patient’s rights, dignity, and privacy;? providing culturally and age-appropriate, ethical care within legal standards of practice; and? providing consistent and comparable care regardless of the setting.• Evaluates the patient’s progress toward attaining outcomes.• Transfers care as appropriate. • Delegates tasks as appropriate according to the state Nurse Practice Act and job descriptions. • Documents nursing care accurately, completely, and legibly.• Collaborates effectively with other disciplines as appropriate.• Participates in quality review and performance improvement projects.• Uses problem-solving and conflict resolution skills to foster effective work relationships with team members.• Maintains required competencies.• Pursues professional growth and participates in a professional organization.• Acts as a patient advocate and maintains privacy and confidentiality of all appropriate information.