Previous Job
Vulnerability Management Lead
Ref No.: 17-18872
Location: Beaver, Pennsylvania

Preferred skills:
Experience in Vulnerability Assessment Tools, Perform the duties of Senior Threat Vulnerability Analyst. Assign and oversee all-source, threat and vulnerability analytical tasks to Offshore
• Perform and oversee research and conduct assessments of emerging threats.
• Perform and oversee development of threat and vulnerability briefings. Experience in articulating results and identifying remediation activities with business and technical teams

Job Role:
Building Nessus/Qualys Security Center & Vulnerability Scanners
• Configure the Scanners based on customer Network and systems.
• Assign scan schedules and make sure scan perform in time•
• Participate and oversee analyses of all source threats to DC&MA's mission.•
• Perform and oversee research of special topics that may arise coincidently to the technical assessments, and prepare structured studies and analyses as appropriate. Prepare synopses, briefings, and summaries of analyses as required.
• Oversee and participate in the process of selecting and implementing security countermeasures to achieve acceptable levels of risk at an acceptable cost.
• work with tower leads for timely remediation of identified Vulnerability
• Oversee and participate in the integration of assessment of assets, threats and vulnerabilities and assists in weighing the calculated risk against the projected cost of security.
• Utilize a structured analytical process to identify and remediate infrastructure and Application vulnerabilities
• Oversee and participate in the valuation and prioritization of assets based on consequence of loss.
• Participate in the development of Vulnerability Management program documents
• Develops written and oral briefings and attends meetings as required.
• Performs other security related duties as directed.
• Ensure compliance in accordance with Customer Requirement and Industry Standard
• Manage Technical Team. Take Ownership of the program and process.