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.Net Developer - CUBS Team - DWS - N/A - IT
Ref No.: 17-17119
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
This is a two year contract for the project to rewrite the CUBS ICON application from Versata to a .NET web based application. The project focuses on rewriting the combined wage reporting between the State of Utah and other States. Reports, correspondence and the actual process to calculate total wages specific to the State of Utah. This project will go until June 30,2018 but we expect that the project may run until Sep 07/2019 with a similar yearly project cost. Extensions depend on if funding is acquired and continued use of the current system. Scoring Criteria for Resource: 30% Quality of Programming business logic using C# 20% Quality of Front End Development (.NET, Visual Studio, MVC) 10% Experience working as teams in and Agile Environment to develop code. 10% Quality of Unit Testing experince 30% Cost +++A qualified bid must include the Vendors RTR form, The resources Resume and a fully completed MMR. (MMR is located in the attachment section below. ) +++Bid Window closes at 10:00PM MDT (Utah Time) August 16th, 2017 (Wednesday) +++It is helpful in vendor comments to include the resources location, when they could start, if offered the position, and why they are interested in this position. +++Bids will be reviewed, Qualified bids will be sent to the scoring committee on the morning of August 17th. +++Anyone that can pass the State of Utah's background check and is legally authorized to work in the US can be submitted. +++All work must be completed on site, using state authorized tools. (No Remote work or using personal laptops or computers)

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