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RN Preceptor/Clinical Educator
Ref No.: 17-14796
Location: Madsion, Wisconsin
The purpose of the RN Preceptor /Clinical Educator position is to serve as a preceptor to newly hired nursing staff to ensure for successful job performance in their nursing role and their successful integration into the organization. Provides on-going training to skilled nursing staff on a regular basis. The incumbent in this position specializes in clinical education and training to ensure for quality patient care. Identifies training needs, develops training materials and programs and supports organization-wide employee training and development initiatives. FLSA Status: Salaried, Exempt Job Responsibilities: This listing is not to be construed as all-inclusive. Other duties may be required and assigned. Preceptor Duties • Participates in the recruitment process for field RN staff and LPN staff by assisting in the conduct of job interviews with Human Resources and the hiring manager. Makes recommendations regarding the selection of candidates. • Ensures new hire RNs and LPNs are welcomed into the organization and supported from the time of hire through the orientation period and beyond. Prepares and sends new hire on-boarding letters, coordinates preceptor training plan with the new hire’s manager, etc. • Follows the established formalized preceptor training program, training model, and training plans. Prepares training materials in advance; tracks and documents training achievement; assesses and evaluates staff performance and training progress on an on-going basis; and makes recommendations on progressing staff to the next training level to the Clinical Education Supervisor. • Provides group and one-on-one training to clinical staff and others via classroom training, webinars, e-learning, and field observation. • Conducts patient visits with RNs and LPNs to provide demonstration and education. Instructs, demonstrates, observes clinical skills and techniques, and assesses critical thinking skills. Identifies strengths, deficits, and provides feedback. • Documents and evaluates staff completion of assignments. Documents clinical skill competencies. Performs chart audits of preceptee documentation to ensure documentation is compliant. • Facilitates effective use and documentation in the clinical computer system. Trains appropriate navigation, documentation, and transfer of data. Ensures for compliant documentation. Documents skill competency level. • Provides on-going and regular communication with the preceptees to answer questions, track progress, review concerns, provide instruction and direction, teach and serve as an on-going resource throughout the preceptee’s employment. Utilizes email, phone conversations, in-person meetings and patient visits as opportunities to connect with and support staff, assess staff performance, and establish rapport. • Provides after hours and weekend support to preceptees who are working weekends, evenings, and/or on-call. • Fills in for other RN Preceptor/Clinical Educators and Clinical Educators as needed. • Engages in regular on-going communication with supervisor to ensure for coordination and success of the preceptor program. General Training and Development Duties • Assesses training needs through surveys, observations of employees, interviews with employees, and/or consultation with managerial and other staff. • Designs training programs. Organizes and develops training materials such as handouts, visual materials, manuals and guides. • Conducts training sessions. Presents information using a variety of instructional techniques such as presentations, demonstrations, exercises, discussions, videos, and lectures. • Monitors and evaluates training activities and program effectiveness. Recommends alternative training methods, offerings, etc. if expected results are not achieved. • Provides guidance to departments. Reviews training materials prepared by other departments such as lesson plans, presentation materials, etc. • Ensures that accurate and complete training records are maintained. Assists in management of the Home Care Institute (HCI) Learning Center and/or other e-learning systems. Runs reports and prints materials as requested. Assists with employee troubleshooting. • Administers TB tests and Hepatitis B tests to new hires. Reads tests and records test results, communicates test findings, and forwards. • Researches external training offerings to supplement internal training. • Attends and participates in internal and external meetings, in-services and conferences as requested. Clinical Training and Development Duties • Conducts new hire orientation for clinical nursing and therapy staff. Instructs and advises employees in policies, procedures, standards and guidelines related to the provision of care. • Instructs and demonstrates clinical techniques and skills and the proper use of personnel protective equipment and durable medical equipment. Tests for competency of clinical skills. • Participates in quality assurance and performance improvement initiatives. Identifies and monitors problem areas associated with infection control, safety, patient care coordination, and equipment use. • Serves as an OASIS resource to employees. Maintains a competent level of OASIS knowledge. • Reviews articles and journals to keep current in homecare and hospice regulations. • Assists with audits as requested. • Conduct field observations of clinical staff as directed. Documents observations and competencies. Communicates results of field visits to supervisor, manager and Clinical Services management. Recommends training and corrective action as indicated.