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Full Stack Web Application Developer
Ref No.: 17-14561
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Local candidates(Southeast PA, Southern New Jersey, South Delaware) preferred

Mandatory Skills

Need 6+ Years of experience developing dynamic, scalable N-Tier web applications.
We are looking for a candidate who is:
Expert in:
• Developing Dynamic Web Applications in Python on Linux Environment
• Object Oriented Programming
• Object Oriented Analysis and Design
• RDBMS and Object Relational Mapping
• Web Application Security Practices, Authentication Mechanisms, Session Management
• Developing Scalable RESTful Web Services
• Debugging complex Python Web Applications
• Transaction Management
• UI Development with Frontend Technologies such as JavaScript/CSS/HTML5/AJAX
• Python Data Structures

Preferred Skills

• Design Patterns
• Django Web Development Framework
• Version control
• REST Frameworks
• TDD, Unit testing with Nose2 or unittest2
• PyPi
• Migrations
• Common Application Security Measures and Practices
• REST API Authentication mechanisms such as OAuth2, Token Authentication etc.
• Frontend MVC Frameworks and Libraries such as Bootstrap, JQuery etc
• Handling JSON Datasets
• MultiThreading
• Deploying applications with Apache/NGINX/Gunicorn and thorough understanding of Web/Application Servers
• Deploying applications with one or more these of these: Ansible/chef/fabric
• Caching mechanisms, Static Content Delivery Mechanisms

Job Roles/Responsibilities

• AngularJS/ReactJS
• Flask/tornado frameworks
• Continuous Integration Environment
• Behavior Driven Development with Robot Framework, Cucumber/Gherkin etc
• Data Frames
• Jupyter Notebook
• Jenkins
• NoSQL such as Redis, Hbase, Elastic Search