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Network Engineer with cloud
Ref No.: 17-12249
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Network Engineer with cloud
A network engineer is responsible for designing, configuring, maintaining and supporting a large scale network to support the deployment of multiple applications across various environments. He / she needs to be able to
enforce information security policies with respect to access management and network controls.
A network engineer needs to be able to troubleshoot network performance issues, conduct a root cause analysis and make fixes in a timely manner.

• Assemble and build network configurations (e.g., at a regional, sub-regional and application level) in
accordance with pre-established design standards
• Enable and maintain connectivity between the cloud and on-prem environments
• Design and maintain network topology (e.g., CIDR, NAT mappings, IPv6 translations, DNS and load
• Secure network systems by enforcing policies, and defining and monitoring access
• Design network templates (including enabling controls around redundancy and separation of prod and nonprod
• Configure network specifications (e.g., IP rules / port-forwarding, subnets, VPNs, etc.)
• Troubleshoot network performance issues
• Prior experience with designing, installing and supporting large network infrastructures within a multi-cloud
• Familiarity with using cloud provider tools to configure multi-region networks (e.g., AWS VPC, AWS Direct
Connect, GCP VPC, GCP Interconnect, etc.)
• Experience with configuring firewall, VPN, TCP / IP, routing protocols, etc.
• Possess relevant certifications such as CCNA and CCNP
• Knowledge of Active Directory, PowerShell and UNIX scripting
• Prior knowledge of automation scripts (e.g., Python, Ansible, etc.)
• Strong understanding of enterprise network security standards and requirements
• General knowledge of agile software development concepts and processes
• Ability to understand complex requirements in collaboration with team members and translate them into
network design artifacts