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Software Development Engineer in Test SDET
Ref No.: 17-07776
Location: EL SEGUNDO, California
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Software Development Engineer in Test SDET

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Ability to understand and debug large and complex codebases *Rating: Very Strong-4.5Yrs. // Automation test/framework development * Rating: Expert-5.2 yrs. // Communication Skills *Rating: Moderately Strong-3 // Critical thinking * Rating: Moderately Strong-3.5 yrs. // Java or any OOP * Rating: Expert-5.5 Yrs. // Problem Solving skills * Rating: Very Strong-4.5 Yrs. ===================================================================================================================================================================================================== Is candidate required to be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. National? No ================================================================================================================================================================================================ Nice To Have (PLEASE INCLUDE THESE SKILLS ON CIF EVEN IF CANDIDATE DOES NOT HAVE THEM) Bachelor Degree or equivalent experience * No // Continuous Integration * Rating: Limited Experience 2.3 Yrs. // Mobile application development *Rating: Limited Experience-2.1 Yrs. // Mobile Platform (iOS, Android, Windows) * Rating: Very Strong-4.3 Yrs.// Web technology * Rating: Limited Experience-2.3 Yrs.

Priority Job Skills 1 Java 2 Selenium Web Driver and Appium 3 Mobile/Web application knowledge 4 CICD Setup with Jenkins 5 Xcode or Android SDK ======================================================================================================================================================================================================= Overall Purpose: The Software Development in Test (SDET) Engineer is responsible for developing tools/frameworks to solve complex software problems. Bake quality and effectiveness into the development process by assessing the root causes of issues and recommending test coverage and best practice. Roles and Responsibilities: 1) Develop robust automation framework for mobile/web application testing. 2) Build the necessary software/solution to execute and keep track of application quality and performance. 3) Research and keep up to date to harden SDLC processes via new tools or implementing steps to increase stability and reliability. 4) Debug large and complex codebase to assess the root cause of test failure, Code review and suggest test coverage

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