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Party Chief - San Marcos
Ref No.: 18-00977
Location: San Marcos, Texas
Position Type:Contract to Hire
Start Date: 05/07/2018
Job Title: Party Chief
Reports To: Asst Chief of Parties/Chief of Parties
Job Group: Surveyor
Position Summary: The Party Chief is the crew leader who possesses leadership skills of direction,
training, accountability and safety.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
 Must be able to complete the duties of Rodman and/or Instrumentman.
 Measuring distances on a variety of structures and relaying the data to crew.
 Reading and utilizing subdivision plats and field notes to search for property corners.
 Utilization of proper techniques in the use of prism poles, level rods and other equipment
necessary in the performance of the job to ensure data is accurately collected.
 Making field notes and drawing field sketches that properly reflect field conditions at the time of
the survey.
 Planning and performing of various job scopes, ensuring that projects are correctly completed in
the most precise and economically manner using the resources provided by the company and
under the direction of their supervisor's.
 Training their subordinates in the performance of their duties utilizing their own experience,
knowledge and any resources provided by the company.
Job Requirements:
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:
 Must be able to work in varied environmental conditions.
 Must be able to perform the physical tasks as necessary to complete the jobs as set out by their
 Must have excellent communication skills and penmanship to ensure instructions and field data
are properly relayed between the crew. Must be detailed-oriented.
 Must be skilled at performing a survey with minimal direction from their supervisors and be able
to direct co-workers in the proper procedures necessary to perform their duties.
 Skilled in the use of all conventional surveying equipment.
 Must have solid understanding of procedures used to verify that equipment is in proper
adjustment, such as how to peg their levels, and check their total station to a baseline.
 Capable of utilizing the various functions of the different data collectors, such as locating points
by using the various offset methods, inversing between located points, and how to use the
collector when traversing to other points.
 Must have a strong understanding of surveying related mathematics and be capable of utilizing
various trigonometry and geometry formulas in the field to properly re-establish boundaries and
in the staking and setting out of any proposed improvements.
 Full comprehension of the various scopes set forth by the company and be capable of relating
field data to the office in a clear and complete manner.
Education & Experience:
 2+ Years experience in the field as a surveyor