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Technical Writer – Proof of Concept
Ref No.: 18-33968
Location: Novi, Michigan
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 05/16/2018

Technical Writer – Proof of Concept
Location : Novi MI
Duration : 2+ Months

Position Summary: Create technical documentation to be submitted for a customer Proof-of-Concept (POC) project.

Supervisory Responsibilities: This position does not have any direct or indirect reports.
Role and Responsibility
  • This role is required to provide Technical Documentation for a customer Proof-of-Concept (POC) project.
  • Documentation providing any supplier-specific steps to install the POC solution on an board.
  • Block diagrams and supporting documentation explaining how the supplier's POC solution meets the requirements and use cases. This documentation shall capture, at a minimum but not exclusively:
    • A description of the hardware and software components of the POC solution, each component's function.
    • The interactions and interfaces (for example, APIs, control / audio flow) between software components involved in each of the use cases. This should be at a sufficient level of detail to understand the relationships between the solution's components and signaling to enable each use case, for example state or sequence diagrams.
    • A list and description of DSP algorithms included in the solution's DSP Framework built as part of this POC, including the full set of algorithms available from the HARMAN.
  • Documentation of the HARMAN's Global Tuning Tool, including the methods used to construct and enable additional signal flows onto the DSP Framework and run them on the HARMAN's POC solution. This also includes a demonstration of debugging interfaces and methods used to profile the memory and CPU resources required of the DSP.
  • Demonstration and documentation of the capability and workflow for integrating a third-party DSP algorithm within HARMAN's DSP Framework.
  • Block diagrams and supporting documentation of the supplier's DSP Framework, DSP Algorithms, and DSP Framework Tooling solution as a whole, in excess of the software components required to implement the POC solution. This shall explain the key integration points (e.g., interfaces) of the HARMAN's solution when potentially integrated into a larger automotive infotainment system, as well as options for configuration, licensing, and software partitioning.
  • A detailed explanation of the benefits and differentiating elements of the HARMAN's solution as a whole compared to known competitive solutions.
  • Explanation of any future work required to prepare the HARMAN solution to become "production ready ", including scope, timeline, and cadence of software releases.
  • Explanation of how the HARMAN solution may work in a system environment consisting of multiple heterogeneous processors, including DSPs and ARM cores, and potentially with processors distributed in separate ECUs.
  • Lessons learnt from developing the HARMAN POC solution, including any platform hardware and software constraints encountered, and design decisions or trade-offs required to achieve the POC's use cases.
Demonstrated Experience
  • Technical Writing for Automotive Audio