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Windows Server Admin
Ref No.: 18-32358
Location: Bentonville, Arkansas
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 04/26/2017
Job Title:
Work Location & Reporting Address:Bentonville, AR
Vendor Rate: $66 - $74 (MAX)
Contract duration: 9
Target Start Date: 21 May 2018
Does this position require Visa independent candidates only? No
Would you require the candidates to meet you for in person interview? : Yes
Is Skype/WebEx interview OK? : Yes only after we verify that there are no other persons in the room so that there is no prompting/lip syncing.
Minimum years of experience: 8 yrs

Must have skills:
Windows Server Admin
Windows Server OS
Windows PowerShell scripting
Should have hands on experience on Win7 and Win10.
Should have understanding on windows client side

Scope of work:
There are various Dev/Lab/UAT environments and below is high level scope of the activities that you should be performing.

Along with physical machines, Virtual machines there will be offline workstations to be managed and should have real hands on experience on the below activities:

Create and implement a standard Governance process and implement rules for all users of the lab to follow.
New Store Site Environment Setup, New Workstation setup on Store Site Number and Workstation Re-Image related activities. Store site number redirection, VLAN changes etc. also has to be performed.
New Virtual Template Creations, New Virtual Machine Creations and Virtual Workstation Re-Imaging and Rebooting virtual machines
Access and space to test hardware, Hardware consolidation of DGTC Lab.
Image the machines with the appropriate OS, Validate the machines are online and accessible through remote tools.
Responsible for coordinating customer requests to the ISD Power, Cabling, and network teams to configure switch/ports to the appropriate test store number.
Document hostname, switch/port, and IP range, communicate to customer that machines is available for use.
Perform monthly refresh activities and Lab Reimaging activities.
Operating Sytems in the lab are patched on a monthly basis. They are on the same patch schedule as our production systems.
Responsible for Continual Service Improvements for the Lab/UAT environments, implementing Aperture hardware tracking if available, continue hardware consolidation, etc.