Automation Engineer.
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Automation Engineer.
Ref No.: 18-31642
Location: Auburn Hills, Michigan
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 05/08/2018
 ·  Cloud Computing -- AWS
·  Cloud Computing -- Microsoft Azure
·  Automation -- Infrastructure
·  Automation -- DevOps
·  Automation -- Scripting
·  Automation -- Change Management
·  Provisioning -- Servers
·  Provisioning -- Databases
·  Monitoring -- Rogue Workload(s)
·  IT Security -- Deployment Automation
·  DevOps -- Creating reusable automation libraries
·  Monitoring -- Network Performance -- SolarWinds Orion
·  What is your birthday (agent/client use it for personal ID -- only need month/day)
·  If you are not local, are you willing to relocate at your cost (no expense to us or agent/client)?
·  LinkedIn Profile URL? If you dont have a LI profile, just say NA in comments.
·  Ideal times for follow-up conversations by phone (i.e. after 5 p.m., 12-1, anytime, etc.)
·  Can the candidate do a video interview AND provide photo id (sensitive information can be blacked out) PRIOR to that interview?
·  Skype ID of candidate (in case agent or client requests video call)