Ref No.: 18-30266
Location: San Diego, California
Start Date: 05/02/2018
Skillset required
Software Development Lifecycle
Agile methodologies
Linux and Windows Server operating systems
Windows services
Linux networking troubleshooting/connectivity skills
Fabric for remote scripting
MS SQL / MSQL database technologies
.NET, ASP, SOAP and REST technologies
Java Enterprise
Jenkins or other automated build platforms
Version control systems (SVN, Git, etc., creating branches, releases, code merging)
Enterprise Cloud Virtualization
Maven and Artifactory
Scripting languages (Python, Ruby, Shell)
TIBCO Enterprise Message System(s)
Splunk Enterprise
Duties to be performed
Understand the M2M MC Engineering and QA Best Practices Guidelines
Understand the M2M MC Platform architecture, message flow and how application services interact
Coordinate development and testing environments
Coordinates with network operations when system or environmental changes must be made
Direct and enforce code branching for releases
Performs code merging between branches
Configures new instances of Jenkins
Track application code and configuration changes
Track database schema and replication changes
Track new and deprecated application services and configurations
Tracks and documents code changes between releases
Work with various teams including: developers, QA, triage, technical support, product management, project managers, database administrators and technical writers
Ensures that deliverables are made in a timely manner
Maintains build history and issues
Creates requests for changes to production
Maintains system architecture diagrams
Ensures debug builds are not generated for release (no snapshot builds)
Resolves environmental deployment discrepancies