Python Developer
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Python Developer
Ref No.: 18-29455
Location: Houston, Texas
Start Date: 04/27/2018
Client: Banking
Rate: $110k - $115k
Title: Python Developer
Location: Houston, TX
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Skills: Python
Job Description:
·         Strong Python coding skills.
·         Knowledge of using openpyxl python module that opens an excel workbook instance for both reading & writing and using Python Pandas Dataframe to organize, sort & manipulate the data before dumping into excel worksheet as measure-set data.
·         Working knowledge of Python Oracle libraries to convert excel files into BLOB and upload them in database.
·         Basic understanding of database & SQL queries.
·         Should be able to write Python unit test cases to validate the code.
·         Should have used Client-J Pycharm python IDE with Anaconda-3.x for Python development.
·         Python cherrypy web framework.
·         Should know how to use JSON format as an inter-process communication medium.