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ETL with AWS Glue
Ref No.: 18-29160
Location: Raritan, New Jersey
Position Type:Contract
Start Date: 04/26/2018
 Project Atlas:
Atlas is a project for data science group. After decommissioning of AAA application, data flow from that system still needs to be fed into the Atlas. It is not GxP project. requesting resource for remainder year.  Prefer onsite in Raritan, NJ area. Current ETL is hardcoded in C#, we did a POC for VPCx Glue which will do the job. Request is for a resource to convert current C# "ETL” logic into AWS Glue.
Responsibilities for Project Atlas:
Resource will be responsible for migrating ETL from C# to Amazon Glue. This will involve understanding the current ETL, developing ETL in Amazon Glue, and delivering the final ETL in Glue so that the new ETL delivers the same result as the current C# based ETL. In addition, the resource will run the Glue based ETL every 2 weeks to refresh data for Atlas.
Responsibilities for Project AAA:
Understanding the Semantic Technology, store graph as RDF triples. Archive and decommissioning the AAA project.
Technical Requirements:
Senior Java developer and experience with Amazon AWS Glue.   Largest work effort will be developing Amazon Glue Jobs
Knowledge of Microsoft .NET C#, Python, SPARQL Query.
Duration: remainder of the year